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On this page, I collect the web sites and pages that link to my site, the user’s war stories and the names of people who helped me in this project.


If you would like to see your name here, check out the “Help Wanted” section on the main page.

Gerco Dries has updated the Zabbix agent protocol description to also cover the active agent protocol, for which I am grateful. He publishes his own Zabbix Java library. He is working on a Sonic MQ JMS agent for Zabbix.

For the Zabbix trapper we use Stephen Ostermiller’s base64 encoder. Stephen publishes quite a number of useful utilities.

Valeri Felberg sent me a patch to make Zapcat work with Zabbix 1.1 servers.

Guus der Kinderen is currently the only other developer on this project in SourceForge. He wrote the Openfire plugin for Zapcat and fixed a number of smaller issues.

This project is hosted on SourceForge, so lots of thanks to the good people over there working to make it easy for developers such as me to publish code in a professional manner.


There are some links to this project on the Zabbix forums and on the Zabbix wiki.

Fosdem 2008 links to my site. I will give a lightning talk about monitoring Java applications.

photo: Thorsten Epping
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