Welcome to Kees Jan Koster’s blog.

I am the operator of the Java-Monitor.com forum. On that forum you will find system administrators and developers discussing aspects of tuning, configuring and maintaining Java applications and JEE application servers.

I am a freelance project leader, Java/J2EE architect, Java/J2EE trainer and coach. You can hire me as a technical project lead, a Java/J2EE developer or a Java trainer.

These pages publish some of my ideas about monitoring distributed systems, one of my specialities as software architect.

If you are looking to monitor Java applications using JMX, you may want to have a look at Zapcat. That is a small library that allows you to monitor Java applications from Zabbix.

I have written a short article that suggests how you could go about kick-starting a cycle of continuously building and improving the monitoring of your system. If you would like some more background, there is an article that describes the various forms of monitoring that exist.

Here is a tutorial for the Merlin project management tool. In that tutorial I show how to extend Merlin and add your own reports.

If you are interested in some low level Java programming, have a look at BFPX, a Brainfuck to Java bytecode compiler with process extensions. I have written a small run-time system that does concurrency without the use of Java’s own threads, all in 100% pure Java.

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